Monthly Archives: June 2012

Crazy Mummy!

11 weeks and 4 days today, to me this means 3 more days of harrowing nausea, projectile vomit, insomnia and exhaustion at the same time as chronic fatigue.
Whoever it was that said that ‘pregnancy is beautiful’ – you were incredibly incorrect… and I AM STILL SEARCHING FOR MY GLOW. I don’t no why we do it to ourselves, as women we need to apologise to our husbands and partners and simply be FERAL for the first and last three months of this process called pregnancy.
I imagined I would wake up and miraculously the nausea, night sweats and nostalgia would all have come crashing to a halt and that I would feel pure and fresh and ecstatic about reaching week 12. I would spring out of bed with a gorgeous popped belly and be on my way. LET ME STOP THERE, this is not the case. This morning was as bad as (if not worse) than the day i realised ‘its not a tummy bug’.
ailed by an overwhelming thought ‘I know i will be sick, its just a matter of when’. I cant be the only one who actively puts off eating breakfast until after the morning chuck?
There is nothing wrong with accepting that ‘THIS SUCKS’ and moving on =) I AM PROUD TO SAY I AM READY FOR THIS… but I wouldn’t get in my way i were you!!!