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This Life

Today has bought many questions about this world into focus for me. Today the police arrested a man over the death of Jill Meagher, a local, 29 year old Brunswick girl. She was abducted, raped and murdered only 300m from her home and buried in a shallow grave earlier in the week. Yesterday the suspect took the police to the place he had left her.
For some reason that I find hard to articulate, this has hit figuratively close to home for me. My baby Boy is due in 13 weeks and 6 days and I cant help but think that this world we all inhabit is not deserving of him. Poor little guy hasn’t even entered the world yet and I am already ‘cotton wooling’ him, so to speak.
He will probably hate me for that one day. But how does a mum protect her baby when a 29 year old woman can’t even walk a 400m trip home without having her life taken from her?
I catch myself saying ‘life isn’t fair’, and ‘life is hard’, however the next thought to immediately interupts is ‘compared to what?’. And that’s exactly right. Compared to death? doesn’t that simply mean that life is life and these things happen in life because death is the result. We are no longer talking about life being hard we are talking about death. Death is hard, for anyone who is alive to have to live through the death of a loved one. But is death actually hard for those who are bought to it?.
ahhhhhhhh!?!? I NEED ANSWERS
I pray everyday that my little man has the mind of his Daddy, I would hate to think that one day he has to go through what I put myself through daily.

Untill next time xx


a new umm.. Phase?

Its been a long time sine I last posted. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to contribute, perhaps I haven’t felt there was anything worthy of my fab blog page, but more likely I haven’t put blogging on top of my priority list (its a very extensive list at the moment).
Alot has happened in the months since my last contribution.
firstly, I am 24 weeks pregnant today. Our son Jimmie is a little ninja, working on his martial arts everyday – especially when Mum decides its time for a lie down.
My gorgeous Fiance` -YES HE PROPOSED- has developed adulthood Epilepsy, his condition had consistently worsened until last Saturday morning at 5.03am when he experienced a Grand Mal or Tonic Clonic seizure. By far the most terrifying experience of my life to date. This event prompted up to kick start him on medication which has worked wonders (last night was seizure free).
I am also back at Uni, Full time might I add (what is wrong with me?) combined with full time work, caring for my man and building a human, this is no small feat.
So as you can see life has been chaotic to say at the least.
with so much behind us and even more in-front, I am back n the blog ban-wagon in order to keep myself sane =) I will aim to build this page with at least one post per day!

Thankyou x