Stumbling Across My Niche!

Over the years I have read article after article that aim to empower strangers to lead an ‘improved life’. This is usually represented by the authors’ journey of self-growth and development.
We are a type of people, us who constantly engage with our own journey and consistently – through everyday function, take steps to improve every aspect of our lives for the purpose of our personal contentment with life.
a problem that i continuously encounter and I am sure the some of you have as well is, as much as I appreciate others opinions and stories and learn a great deal in terms of ideas to improve my own life – We are all different.
How do I filter through the advice to find out what will work for me. If I had a dollar for every time I tried something new in my personal journey toward an improved life, and became deterred as my mission failed I would be a very rich woman!
blog sites such as 42 practical ways to improve yourself and 60 ways to improve your life in the next 100 days. Don’t get me wrong these are absolutely fantastic sites! especially the former, if you are looking for a broad range of tips and tricks to try. The issue I seem to have, is recurring and inevitable.
I should make my Blog page about filtering other pages and their content – epiphany!!

Thanks Bloggers xx


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