How did i create something so perfect?!!

How did i create something so perfect?!!

You Know you have done something right when you capture a moment like this!
I may be bias, but is my son not the most perfect little human you have ever seen?!
Every new Mum feels this way, completely smitten and obsessed with their little cherub. I just had to share this picture, I have been experimenting with my new camera and Max simply makes the best focus point for my display of piccys.
Today was an interesting day for little Maxi. he literally slept for the entire first half. I was contemplating calling the maternal and child health nurse to ask if it was normal. He awoke for 10 minutes so I attempted to feed him but he fell asleep on my chest. I have to admit there are few moments in life that are as enjoyable nor as cute as this one, when he falls alseep virtually hanging off my nipple so innocent and pure. I need to take a mental picture and replay it over in my mind when Iv been up every hour through the night followed by a day battling gripe, colic pains. ahhhh the joys of motherhood.

sleepy bub

sleepy bub


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