Being a parent.

the expression says it all

the expression says it all

Being a parent.
I am very new to it. To be honest I haven’t yet found my way. What makes a good mum? I ask myself this question far to often. I have come to the conclusion that there is in fact no answer. I see women in my local supermarket (I will insert here that I live in a lower socioeconomic area) and am completely disgusted by the interaction (or lack there of) they have with their children. I will give you a beauty of an example.
Yesterday Max and I went to grab some milk and something for dads dinner from Woolies, we were enjoying watching each other (from the pusher) when a, what I would call feral, bunch of kids ran past yelling and screaming out to their mum. They were very excited because they had made up their own brothers secret handshake (very cute) and wanted to share the excitement with Mum. My jaw just about hit the floor when I herd this woman’s response… ‘YOUR STUPID HANDSHAKE TURNS INTO MY FUCKING MIGRAINE, SO SHUT UP OR YOU CAN ALL WALK HOME’ the fact that she wasn’t even concerned that other people might be judging her parenting style, was a concern! So I’m on a mission now, this woman has me all inspired, In search of key parenting skills that every parent needs to attain. Although I might have to people watch a little further from home in the future.


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