Breast is Best… but is it for you?

discreet enough?

discreet enough?

This little doozie of a heading is sure to get the serious ‘pro-Breastfeeding’ women of the world fired up and ready to grab their babe out of his or her cosy bassinette at the crack of dawn, chuck him/her on the boob and march the streets in protest.
Don’t get me wrong I am all for doing what is best for my bub, he is my absolute world. I love breast-feeding him and I am so lucky that I have been blessed with udders. In all seriousness I, like many other women, agree that ideally if nature intended us to breast feed our little cherub’s it is probably best for their health and development. But here’s a wobbly one, What if it’s not what’s best for mum?
For example mum goes back to work and dad is the stay at homer, is expressing milk as nutritious as straight from the tap? Or is it now just as beneficial for babe as say formula (yes I said it, the F word).
I honestly do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and breast might be best, but if it’s not an option for mum then that should be her choice. I feel as though the chronically obsessed Pro Breast Clan have shoved a huge wedge between those of us who breastfeed and those who don’t or aren’t able to. We are all mums, the 11pm, 1am, and 3.30am night stints aren’t any easier if you are whipping out a bottle rather than a nipple are they?
This topic has been niggling at me for a while, I decided to put it out there after watching channel 7’s sunrise’s ‘angels’ segment. Comments made by Kochie blew up! He feels that women should be discreet when feeding in public. I don’t agree or disagree with his thoughts, in fact I don’t really care what Kochie or any one else (including other mothers) thinks of the topic when it comes to the crunch. When I am in public and my gorgeous little Max is screaming and crying, I AM going to feed him whenever and wherever I might be at the time, it’s not something I have ever been embarrassed about or even thought twice about to be perfectly honest. Just quietly it is far more embarrassing when your baby starts screaming in his pusher on your regular morning walk and passer buyers are giving you that judgmental ‘you neglectful mother you’ look than it is to whip out a boosie! What is the general consensus? Should we be placing this much pressure on the topic or respectfully leaving the decision to mums?


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