Did I just post a selfie?

Yes, yes I did.

That s what my Blogging adventure has come to. And I really do hate to point the finger, especially at a vulnerable infant, however I will, because IT IS ALL HIS FAULT. Master Maxwell is what i should have named him.
He Literally runs the household, he wont sleep. I guess when I say he wont sleep, he does actually sleep it just takes so fucking long to get him down. Also he is having his 12 week growth spurt at the moment so i am feeding him more than ever and expressing like mad. It is an absolutely ridiculous understatement to say that i am tired. I am a walking, fucking hairy green eyed, zombie.
My neighbor popped in yesterday to ask about our electricity bill (long story) For some reason, unknown to me I answered the door. Why the hell would i answer the door. Half naked (more than half), makeup-LESS, UN-showered (cant say it was the day before that I showered either) and with my house looking comparable to the hoarder’s house up the road i just OPENED THE DOOR. No big deal. eugh Idiot.
Anyway im finished venting and self loathing for now. So i opened the door. and went one step further and invited her in… where was i going with this?

Iv’e lost it…?

nope, its gone.

a day in the life of a new mum, Surprise!!

If you have got to this part of this post i must apologize, its completely boring reading.

I think I took this picture to prove that there is the occasional day when i can apply a bit of Makeup and put clothing on. Yep goal achieved. Well done Jordan.
I need a coffee or a wine.


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