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My Mummy and Me

i just love mum bub pictures, there are no words for how much love and bonding these photos show. So here’s one of mine


Opinions Opinions!!

For the first time in my life i can positively say, I know that I am great at something.

That something is the most overlooked, unappreciated and highly judged, job in the world, being a mum.

My son is my world, which I assume is the same for the majority of young mums and older mums alike. We all love our babies more than anyone else in the world, and at the risk of offending, yes in my opinion, that does include their fathers. If your a dad that plays the role of both mum and dad – I apologize your a mum in my eyes so this doesn’t include you.

I  honestly never thought that i would be in the position where I had to actively expect and plan for the opinions and judgements of others. Especially when it came to being a mother. As shocked as i am at this, nothing has surprised me more than the fact that most of the criticism has come from not only other mums but my own mum!!

I know she doesn’t mean to be hurtful or annoying for that matter and most of the time she is incredibly helpful, However I have increasingly found myself holding back on details, latest events, and even milestones for baby Max during our daily phone call. Today chat was the usual “how are you”, “whats new”, “did you find anything at the trash and treasure markets Saturday?” etc…

When she asked “What are you up to today?” I replied “Max and i are off to the shops to get some formula, we ran out yesterday and since my milk decided to dry up two weeks ago we have been powering through the Aptamil like its going out of fashion!” My Mum, bless her, replies, Oh Jordan how could you run out? you need to stock pile things like this”. My mouth just about hit the floor but instead of pointing out that I don’t need the judgement and that its really not a big deal considering we literally just ran out 10 minutes ago so  have at least 2 – 3 hours before hes due for his next feed AND my house is closer to Woolies than the Woolies car park is! I instead got my defense on and mumbled something like, “yeah I know I’m not sure, I have been really busy”. Which obviously insinuated that I was to busy to look after my sons dietary needs… GREAT. Leading to more implied Mum failure comments. Grrrr. Not only did i not learn from this i almost immediately went on to say, Shit mum i have to go Maxi has just weed through his nappy and i am wearing him in the Baby-bjorn so we are both covered in wee Idiot Jordan!  Mum swiftly replies, “Why have you let his nappy get so full that he is weeing through it?”

At this point I am so mad and frustrated with myself that I just told her i had to go, why am i defending myself and my parenting skills to my own mum? surely she has some mum failure moments herself? I hope This doesn’t drive a wedge in between us, I sure as hell know that it irritates the hell out of me when people get their insinuating tone on. I usually just stop allowing them the details of Maxi’s day.

I don’t want that to happen with my own mum, Can you even do this to your Mum??

agghh who knows.


Brighter life, happy wife

Maxi-bon is now 14 weeks old, I am well into the journey of motherhood, which is a relief – it was hard to see a light at the end of the dark, sleep deprived and hormonal tunnel in those first few weeks. But here we are, I am still alive and Maxi is amazing, astounding me everyday, reaching little milestones.
Along the way I have discovered little changes that I have been able to make to simplify life and make the transition into being a stay at home Mummy a little easier throughout the tougher times.
The biggest thing for me has been to hang on to my hobbies, this gives me the chance to feel like an individual and like i am still myself rather than devoting 100% of my thoughts to being a mum. Being a mummy is so rewarding. The instant gratification from watching your little one develop is huge and rather overwhelming.
The transition from young single life into Mummy, family life is a tricky one. Little things like going from working full time and running a house hold to being a full time mum at home all day is so much harder than I thought it would be. So I decided to brighten up my home – make it my creative space. I do have to look at these four walls all day everyday. Here was my first step, new throw cushions!!!



I chose super bright colors to keep my home a happy place and also because bright contrasting colors stimulate Maxis brain function and ultimately development =). I love that I could incorporate the mustard yellow with our gorgeous purple mat, I am in LOVE with this yellow but we cant afford a new mat for the floor, I am not a huge fan of purple but it is a gorgeous rug and perfect for play time on the floor so I cant justify getting rid of it. to Spread the Mustard yellow love I also picked up this little beauty for the dinner table for 22 bucks from a wholesale pop up shop in Richmond.

Brighton Up Your Space

It Is surprising how much difference a little color splash can do for your mood!

Restoring A Table

Finished product

Finished product

This is the finished product of my first attempt at restoring an old shabby table to its former glory. Quite a beauty if you ask me… And it only took this new Mum 4 months to complete

I have a picture of it in its original state somewhere but i cant seem to find it, you can take my word it was a wreck. I picked it up from the Camberwell markets for 35 bucks. I was looking for a piece of furniture that would be quite easy to restore as I have neither the tools or the knowledge for anything difficult.
I spent a solid 2 hours in Masters searching for what i would need, I thought it would be relatively challenging but i wanted so badly to do it on my own. After I ignored the assistance of about 3 different Masters staff I decided i was in way over my head, thinking back i would have looked borderline crazy at 8 months pregnant with my arms full of random bits and pieces, refusing to allow anyone to break my concentration (put it down to hormones). Anyway I ended up asking the paint lady what she thought, she was about as useful as legg-less chair, never the less i made it to the car with what i thought were the tools i needed. Then i found this blog site
Brooke is amazing, she uploads tutorials that are so simple and give great effect to any peice of old furniture!
I love my finished product! I hope this is the start of something to focus on in my life


Catching Flies…

In my household this week, we have been COMPLETELY INUNDATED with Flies. It happened really quickly (the invasion). Tuesday, we realized that we were constantly swatting the little buggers away all day long. My (not so ‘outdoorsy’) Fiance surprised me with his decision to remove the pests by catching them, one by one.
I’m not sure why but we are still using this method, I haven’t even considered buying a swatter or fly spray and as ridiculous as it may sound there is some serious, instant gratification of personally capturing and destroying the invaders.
Jake has had me, His dad and Brother in training all Easter weekend – I think our house guests were a little alarmed with the seriousness of the sport – not to mention the severe, celebratory fist pumps all round that came with a defeat. Its actually rather an easy art form witch I attempted to articulate but I decided the training needed to be a visual one… And I did attempt this with handy good old Paintbrush, the result was this…

picture demonstration

AS YOU CAN SEE, there is no way anyone is anymore informed than they were before reading this post on the art of fly catching. If you googled ‘Fly Catching’, I firstly feel both sorry for you (because your life is about as breathtakingly exiting as mine is) and praise you (because the world needs more simple people like us) And secondly you to are experiencing fly-fest at your house, as much as I couldn’t be of any actual assistance you can now rest easy knowing that it can be done. We caught all of our flys. Your welcome.

Sturdy Tights!!


Throughout both my pregnancy and early motherhood days (now) I have spent literally everyday in a pair of these tights! i have the Full length and 3/4 length of these babies the Amy tight a LJ are the most comfy and flattering tight. i wear them working out and with almost every outfit.

When i was pregnant I purchased a Large (about a size 14) so i would have plenty of room to grow. The band around the tummy is super soft and has a draw string so when you have had your bub you can tighten them as needed. I seriously recommend these bad boys to EVERY mum to be, new mum and active mum. 

The only negative is that they come a relatively high price, they are $94.99 for the full length ones but they do wash really well and last for ages – the girls in store recommend you wash them in a wash bag, I don’t use wash bags and mine have lasted for almost a year already.