Catching Flies…

In my household this week, we have been COMPLETELY INUNDATED with Flies. It happened really quickly (the invasion). Tuesday, we realized that we were constantly swatting the little buggers away all day long. My (not so ‘outdoorsy’) Fiance surprised me with his decision to remove the pests by catching them, one by one.
I’m not sure why but we are still using this method, I haven’t even considered buying a swatter or fly spray and as ridiculous as it may sound there is some serious, instant gratification of personally capturing and destroying the invaders.
Jake has had me, His dad and Brother in training all Easter weekend – I think our house guests were a little alarmed with the seriousness of the sport – not to mention the severe, celebratory fist pumps all round that came with a defeat. Its actually rather an easy art form witch I attempted to articulate but I decided the training needed to be a visual one… And I did attempt this with handy good old Paintbrush, the result was this…

picture demonstration

AS YOU CAN SEE, there is no way anyone is anymore informed than they were before reading this post on the art of fly catching. If you googled ‘Fly Catching’, I firstly feel both sorry for you (because your life is about as breathtakingly exiting as mine is) and praise you (because the world needs more simple people like us) And secondly you to are experiencing fly-fest at your house, as much as I couldn’t be of any actual assistance you can now rest easy knowing that it can be done. We caught all of our flys. Your welcome.


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