Restoring A Table

Finished product

Finished product

This is the finished product of my first attempt at restoring an old shabby table to its former glory. Quite a beauty if you ask me… And it only took this new Mum 4 months to complete

I have a picture of it in its original state somewhere but i cant seem to find it, you can take my word it was a wreck. I picked it up from the Camberwell markets for 35 bucks. I was looking for a piece of furniture that would be quite easy to restore as I have neither the tools or the knowledge for anything difficult.
I spent a solid 2 hours in Masters searching for what i would need, I thought it would be relatively challenging but i wanted so badly to do it on my own. After I ignored the assistance of about 3 different Masters staff I decided i was in way over my head, thinking back i would have looked borderline crazy at 8 months pregnant with my arms full of random bits and pieces, refusing to allow anyone to break my concentration (put it down to hormones). Anyway I ended up asking the paint lady what she thought, she was about as useful as legg-less chair, never the less i made it to the car with what i thought were the tools i needed. Then i found this blog site
Brooke is amazing, she uploads tutorials that are so simple and give great effect to any peice of old furniture!
I love my finished product! I hope this is the start of something to focus on in my life



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