Brighter life, happy wife

Maxi-bon is now 14 weeks old, I am well into the journey of motherhood, which is a relief – it was hard to see a light at the end of the dark, sleep deprived and hormonal tunnel in those first few weeks. But here we are, I am still alive and Maxi is amazing, astounding me everyday, reaching little milestones.
Along the way I have discovered little changes that I have been able to make to simplify life and make the transition into being a stay at home Mummy a little easier throughout the tougher times.
The biggest thing for me has been to hang on to my hobbies, this gives me the chance to feel like an individual and like i am still myself rather than devoting 100% of my thoughts to being a mum. Being a mummy is so rewarding. The instant gratification from watching your little one develop is huge and rather overwhelming.
The transition from young single life into Mummy, family life is a tricky one. Little things like going from working full time and running a house hold to being a full time mum at home all day is so much harder than I thought it would be. So I decided to brighten up my home – make it my creative space. I do have to look at these four walls all day everyday. Here was my first step, new throw cushions!!!



I chose super bright colors to keep my home a happy place and also because bright contrasting colors stimulate Maxis brain function and ultimately development =). I love that I could incorporate the mustard yellow with our gorgeous purple mat, I am in LOVE with this yellow but we cant afford a new mat for the floor, I am not a huge fan of purple but it is a gorgeous rug and perfect for play time on the floor so I cant justify getting rid of it. to Spread the Mustard yellow love I also picked up this little beauty for the dinner table for 22 bucks from a wholesale pop up shop in Richmond.

Brighton Up Your Space

It Is surprising how much difference a little color splash can do for your mood!


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