Business mum… or not?

I truly hope it isn’t just me, I feel like I am in way over my head at the moment. With the ever-daunting question bouncing around in my (rather hollow) head, will I ever amount to anything else? Or will I wear the “Amazing Multitasking Mum” badge for the rest of my life? Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no shame in wearing that badge, I love being a mum and if life was that simple I would definitely choose to devote the rest of my life to child-rearing . My need to succeed at something else as well as being a fab mummy is  a constant itch that I am struggling to scratch.

Why has this become such an issue? You would think if I wanted it bad enough i would go out there, start a business and become one of the (ever increasing) Business-mum Badge-wearing crowd. I always hear my internal voice trying to rationalise why i haven’t yet done anything about it; “your to busy”, “Just focus on raising Max at the moment and worry about your career after” “You have a bad case of mum-brain thats all it will come back when Maxi is older”. these are always shortly followed by the voice of my inner, sightly abusive and righteous, conscience telling me that “Other Mums seem to be inspiring entrepreneurs, why cant you get on that bandwagon?” “Max needs parents who go after their dreams to look up to” “YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF EXCUSES AND PROCRASTINATION!!!”. and so it continues. the Quest to find Myself and what I love to do in a world where everything seems to get in the way (in my head at least anyway) I hope I can get over this victimisation bullshit that I keep falling back to when it all gets a little to much for my sensitive self to bare. 

What I really love is reading. Reading everything infact. I would love to be a fountain of knowledge however seeings as I literally forget anything that enters my brain, instantly, at the moment, that seems somehow unlikely. I love Writing, Although I never seem to be able to have any consistency to my blog, I do in-fact love posting. And I do feel I know how to maintain a super successful and interesting Blog with great content and a foundation of devoted readers… I never put any of this into action, and I have no Idea why. (Internal problems!! aghhh)

I also have a relatively new hobby, restoring old furniture. I love it SO much – I am no good of course but that is what hobbies are for, getting better at the things you love!

I need to start Putting all of these things together to create an empire of happiness and wealth – yeah keep dreaming.


OH I have to mention, I was doing a little research on how to become a succesfull Mummy, Business-woman, genius superstar. And I came across this site – It might be worth a read if ya’ll are in the same boat as me. 


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