The Dummy Spit

I have been at mothers group this afternoon and as always I have returned home stuffed with more information than a roast chicken. (roast chickens obviously aren’t stuffed with information but my brain has recently been enjoying a temp. leave of absence so please grin and bare it) They always do this to me – the information overload that is – and at a risk of sounding cynical I highly doubt some information to be relevant or even factual sometimes. Today I discovered that not only am I a constant “getting it wrong’ failure of a parent I also have been putting my babies life at risk by connecting his dummy to a dummy chain (honestly if they sell them surely there isn’t actually any proof/history of their apparent danger) It sounds logical that any sort of chain in the neck region of my bubba could pose a risk however he only ever wears it when we are out of the house and due for a sleep (so not that often). The discovery of the Dummy chain was the end of an era for me. A vicious cycle of catch the ditched dummy before it hits any possibly dirty surface and pop it back in Maxis gob whilst preparing for the next ditch. It has become a wonderful and hilarious game for my baby, who just cant get over how funny mum looks diving for her life every single time he spits/chucks the dumdum. what to do? Well I have gotten rid of the chains and purchased extra back up dummies. I have also stopped giving Maxi his dummy if he is not unsettled which seems logical, I don’t no why I haven’t just stopped with it all together hes clearly not really a fan of it.


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