Monthly Archives: August 2013

Picking up the pen

Im picking up the pen again! my virtual pen that is… post post post! I keep sending myself little mental sticky notes; “blog today”, “don’t forget to post”, “blog blog blog”, “Write something down woman”!!!
obviously with no success, so I stopped abusing myself and turned to food. So not only am I now frustrated and miserable Im also looking nice and rounded. Great.
Resolution being to start re-posting and getting my page rolling this time… and 12 week challenge time!
After giving birth to Max I was at a hefty 83 kgs I got down to a healthy (but not ideal) 73kgs (I am happy with my 6ft body at around 65kgs) I am now sitting at around 78kgs again. Hopefully I will post some ‘Before’ pictures soon Im not sure if i will have the balls but. I guess the more horrendous they are the more i will want to move my chubby ass and also by comparison the ‘after’ pics will look incredible!
Tomorrow is Monday. Monday is a good day to start.