Monthly Archives: September 2013


enough said hey… eughhh so its now spring, and my winter coat, which is more coating than desired, hasn’t even thought about shifting.
I have been on and off ‘clean eating’ and exercising since the birth of my son Max, I say on and off because as pathetic as it is i keep giving my self little ‘breaks’ from this healthy lifestyle. ‘Oh its winter, your supposed to put on a bit of chub in winter’, i hear myself say… cough. ‘Dont worry il start being healthy again on monday’ mmmmhhm.
Its so funny how in my head I’m this healthy, active, clean eating mum, who works for Lorna Jane one of the biggest supporters and encourages of the active lifestyle, and yet in reality I eat sweets every week and cant shift my coffee addiction. lets be honest I haven’t actually been to the gym in weeks because I am waiting for the new better leisure enter down the road to open. Yep.
I shouldn’t even blog about my weight-loss journey because its going to be a huge disappointment when in a months time i realize i have actually found a few extra kg’s. Seeings as i am running very low on excuses, i figured better face up to reality, As y nephew would put it ‘BOOOOORRRING’ rolling the RRRR on his tongue for emphasis.
It is actually difficult to exercise with Max. he is very clingy at the moment (having just hit 8 months) i definitely could sneak off to the gym every night when Jake gets home. but we dont need to admit that. I am in serious denial!! and in need of help.
How bad is that feeling when you have just had some photos printed and you sit down with a cup of coffee to have a look through them… YOU THE BIGGEST ONE IN ALL OF THE PICTURES! its horrible and considering I was once one of the smallest im feeling it big time. PUT DOWN THAT CHOCOLATE BAR and get off the couch girly!!