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Temper Temper

0 – 100 in 6 seconds. Thats my boy. He has an incredibly short fuse that happens to be incredibly easy to light.

I shouldn’t insinuate that a lid that wont go on or a puzzle piece that he cant get to fit isn’t a big deal because it probably is in his world, he is only 13 months old.

I wanted to know if it was normal for littlies to be so fiery, incidentally he has been like it since birth. My textbook didn’t give me much (Kid wrangling by Kaz Cooke) so I’m embracing it. At least he knows what he wants, I just have to figure out how to teach him how to get what he wants (Id love to say him throwing things doesn’t currently work. It does. Especially when we’re in the shops and he does the dramatic dummy throw¬† and instantaneous scream to let me know that he’d lost his dummy.

enjoy the pictures.





The Stigma!

I often get asked if my Fiance is the father of our child. I have come to realise that it is a common for people who see a young couple with a child to assume that because they look young they firstly mustn’t be engaged or married and secondly and more offensive that the man probably isnt the father of the baby.
I don’t know the statistics but I sure as hell am going to find out. Regardless of what is commonly believed to be the norm, Young Mums and Dads deserve the same respect (if not more) as parents in their 30’s because believe it or not, not only do we face the exact same pressures of raising a baby, we also have to prove ourselves whilst doing it. Prove to our family’s, friends and complete stranges that we can raise a child against the obstacles like lack of finances as we are only at the beginning of our careers and therefore on a lower wage than new parents in their 30’s.
The one thing that I truly cannot stand, even more than passive-aggressive and snide comments by family members, is lectures by complete strangers. I was out to lunch with some friends two days ago when a couple in their 60’s came over to inform me that ‘the more you put into your children the more you get out’ then going on to profess that the female was very good with children and could teach my Fiance and myself a thing or two if we would like. I was so offended that I just smiled and thanked the gentleman for his concern. Looking back I wish I had put him firmly back into his place. I am a great Mum and My Fiance an even better Dad. Everything we do is to better our Sons life. AGhhh the stigma associated with being a young mums kills me it is just so incorrect.