Temper Temper

0 – 100 in 6 seconds. Thats my boy. He has an incredibly short fuse that happens to be incredibly easy to light.

I shouldn’t insinuate that a lid that wont go on or a puzzle piece that he cant get to fit isn’t a big deal because it probably is in his world, he is only 13 months old.

I wanted to know if it was normal for littlies to be so fiery, incidentally he has been like it since birth. My textbook didn’t give me much (Kid wrangling by Kaz Cooke) so I’m embracing it. At least he knows what he wants, I just have to figure out how to teach him how to get what he wants (Id love to say him throwing things doesn’t currently work. It does. Especially when we’re in the shops and he does the dramatic dummy throw  and instantaneous scream to let me know that he’d lost his dummy.

enjoy the pictures.





2 thoughts on “Temper Temper

  1. Rachael @ mummyflyingsolo

    Yeah those Kaz Cooke books are definitely amusing but sometimes low on detail I find. I’m kind of stumbling my way through with a 2 year old. I have a book, Toddler Taming or something like that, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet!!!


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