Itching to do something creative?

Itching to do something creative?

Itching to do something creative?

I Cut up Mag after Mag, to add to a collage of pictures I have collected, aptly named My Mood Boards. Not because they reflect my mood at all. Thats a lie they do. They are supposed to help me create my dream home. I DONT HAVE A DREAM HOME. In-fact I don’t have a home at all. We are RRRenters. I hate it.
Never the less I have accumulated around 25 different mood boards that include anything from intricate decorating ideas to where I can find the perfect slab of marble for my dream splash back in my dream kitchen. I would kill to buy a house right now. My Fiance is probably ready to bludgeon me to death with my mood boards because its all I ever talk about. I don’t care.
So this past weekend was spent in regional victoria. Bendigo to be precise. On the hunt for the perfect home. I figure it will be easier to break into the stupid housing market in regional victoria because, you know, everything is cheaper. (except that he will have to spend 15 hours a week on the train and lots of $$$ on his Myki) But I have him convinced this is the only way it is possible for us to start paying off our own asset rather than someone else’s for once. I have family in Bendigo anyway so I will be able to get a part time jobby (if I am a completely different person by then and I can actually leave my baby. I doubt it)
Regardless of our dire financial situation, I am completely obsessed with ‘Playing House’ I have even booked a mortgage broker to come over Saturday to tell us yet again than we do not in-fact qualify for a loan. from any financial institution. anywhere in the world. It should be an interesting meeting. I have even organised for Jakes parents to be there in case max isn’t to keen on listening to some stranger bat on about mortgage insurance and stamp duty. And lets be honest they may as well know about exactly how much money we earn and what not its not like they don’t already think we could never achieve anything on our own.
The Block has started for another year thank god. I was starting to get into the big bang theory. I wish I could go on the Block but I have no idea who the hell my partner would be seeings as Jake can barely open a jar and I quite obviously am no builder. anyway its on so Bye!


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