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Sweaty and Pregnant

Sweaty and Pregnant

Hello Bloggers,

This is me, basically your average 21 year old girl. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my Fiance Jake and Son Max. Okay so not your average 21 year old, more like 21 going on 30. Never the less, this is my life and I love it. Not all of it of course but the positive parts definitely outweigh the negative. Jake is my moral guide, he is the best man, life partner and most importantly Dad. He has an acutely accurate judge of character and a heart the size of… its huge. Max is my baby. He is my oxygen. So these two people are my life and purpose. Its really that simple. And yet not at the same time.
I have a ridiculous habbit of letting my internal struggles rule my life and that is where my Blog comes into play. This is my Space, to vent, to share my stories, experiences and most importantly tales of Maxi and Mum’s adventures together.

Enjoy, Jordan xx

An Introduction

happy place

Here I am. Initiating a venture into the complex and yet astoundingly popular world of personal blogging. This curious journey of mine was prompted by a series of events that led me to a place in life of unfulfilled questions and a complete lack in the understanding of MY purpose, and the purpose of life itself. I put italics on the word ‘life’ as I am not talking about the function of being alive, when I use this word, It represents all that comes with life – from body issues to career to love and death.
I have always been this way, since a child I have over-thought every concept. Analysing and dissecting every; conversation, body language action, the whys and whens of every topic life threw at me.
As an advocate of ‘living to the fullest’ I am constantly searching for ways to get further in life, to improve life and to discover a purpose. In the search for purpose, I have come to an understanding and accepted that perhaps a sole purpose does not exist and perhaps my journey is in fact my destination. In saying this I continue to be an advocate of self–improvement and self-growth.
My blog is titled ‘Standing for Something’ this title is appropriate for my life journey to date. My blog will aim to encourage my own personal growth and encourage you to follow this path of life improvement.

PHEWW, that was daunting. Thankyou for being here if merely to witness me put my life on the line.

The journey begins… life, COME AT ME!!


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