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First World Problems

First world problems.


We all have them, those things in our lives that really shit us off.

Weather its other people getting us down, (everyone seems to be an expert these days) the fact that you can never seem to afford that new Smart TV. (or anything you’ve been saving for, except the speeding fine you scored yourself).  Or your sister stabbed you in the back and told your dad why you are upset with him.

For some reason it’s become increasing common to hear the phrase ‘first world problems’ (said with an accusing tone of course) I can’t stand it, its like, My problems are still problems regardless of where in the fucking world I live. ITS ALL RELATIVE!

Yes I’m certain you wouldn’t hear a poor Nigerian woman with 4 children, complaining about how she payed 65 big ones for the worst mani-pedi of her life, or how increased petrol prices have really effected her weekly budget. Its not always about money. She probably also wouldn’t notice if her youngest son was a little messy with his food, or be upset that the train has been delayed and she might be late for work. I imagine she’d be bothered by things like the fact that she has to walk the kids 25 klicks to get drinking water for the day because her husband is no longer around.

Im no being ignorant or insensitive, Its excruciatingly upsetting that there are human beings in the world that suffer, their pain is relative to their situation, and its horrible. And yes yes yes we all should be doing more to rectify world poverty. We are so lucky to have the lives that we have here in Australia, even the poorest of us are rich by comparison. HOWEVER like I said its all relative and im shitted off so don’t tell me that I have no right to have issues