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Do you want to be a careered Mummy?

I have re-enrolled in Uni. After more than a year focusing on my mummy duties I have to say I am EXCITED! 

I have no idea how this is going to work, Max is obsessed with the laptop so I cant use it with him in the same room, even if he is playing or watching thomas the tank engine he will simultaneously stop, drop and roll on over to me to begin his screaming which doesn’t make for a productive study environment. I’m hoping two hours a day will be ample time seeing as i am studying part-time that way i can sit down and smash it out while he sleeps. Im saying that Im worried optimism isn’t going to get me through this, last night i was up with him from 1-2 am then again at just after 4am until 7.30am and i am positively ruined today! I didn’t even get out of my nightie until well now to be honest. This morning I managed to vac, mop, And make a banana cake with my 14 months old son on my hip! talk about task-ercise! who needs exercise. I might have to have a friend babysit a couple of hours a week, If I can be away from him =) Anyway one step closer to a careered mummy! Business mum here we come!Image