Why I love being a “Youngmum”

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Being a young mum means so many things to different people.
To me being a young Mum means that I am incredibly blessed, My baby has not ruined my future or stopped me from achieving my goals, he has in reality created a new future for me and given me a reason to strive for my goals everyday. Without him my life would be easier and more relaxed, I would be able to go out with friends, drink and party. But in my world that lifestyle is meaningless and to be honest, boring. I would never take for granted that I get to wake up at 2.30am, when it feels like my baby and I are the only people in the world, to kiss cuddle and feed the love of my life, spend a few minutes staring into his big beautiful eyes and watch him doze back off to sleep.
I get to hear him squeal in excitement about the new feeling of soft bunny fur across his skin, and laugh when we play Acka Backa Soda Cracka over and over again until he has had about as much fun as he can handle.
I get to lie in the bath for hours with him curled up asleep on my chest because he has a fever and the bath is the only place he is comfortable enough to doze off.
Motherhood is a gift to be cherished. Becoming a mum, younger than most means that I get to spend more time with my son. No matter what age you are when you have a baby, you grow up and become stronger. I felt like I had joined a secret club that anyone without children could ever understand, My life gained instant clarity and my purpose became tangible. Instantly I felt a bond with women throughout history.

being your mummy

I love being a YOUNGMUM !!


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